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More info on Sky Broadband

<![CDATA[As well as another article, the Metro also carried a double page ad today about Sky broadband. There will be three levels available:

2GB a month for free.
40GB a month for £5.
Unlimited for £10.

The “unlimited” part is subject to a fair use policy but it’s presumably higher than 40GB a month.

I can’t remember what the speeds are except for the highest one which is “up to 16MB”.

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244 thoughts on “More info on Sky Broadband

  1. Hi Declan, If you haven’t found a fix yet? then on your main working computer in internet explorer type this will get you to router menu, the user id is admin password is sky, you can go to wireless settings from there and set your network key and ssid to what you want, also lots of useful info on


  2. Guys. I feel for you all. Essentially your speeds will need to be capped much lower than you would wish. I merely get 3.5 Meg &#38; after 6 months of dreadful service &#38; costly/futile servcie calls I am beaten down to accept thats the best I’m to get. It is very stable now though. Question for you all – I now have a spare router since they sent me another due to all the switchin off &#38; onning! I want to reset it to Netgear default so Granny can use it but how? anybody? I dont mean just press the reset tit, I want it really back to the day Netgear gave birth to it before Sky f’#*&#38; it up.


  3. I’ve been with Sky (connect upto 8mbps) for 4 weeks now and I HATE it!! Firstly I was put on the wrong package so was getting download speed of 288kbps. That took 1 week,3 phone calls (3hours) to customer support to sort out. I got 4.8mbps for a day and since then I’ve had 1.8mbps. Now after a week of trying to configure ports so I can use WinMx I’ve been told that Sky throttle your bandwidth making it practically impossible to use file-share programs. I was with with Telewest before and didnt have 1 problem with my broadband only changed because of channel cuts on TV. I totally regret changing suppliers but I’m stuck on a 12 month contract, and would say to anyone thinking of going to Sky “DON’T do it”


  4. i work at sky and i have to say that some of the calls that we get through from customers dont need to be dealt with the are simple solutions and when we get the customers that do need help come through the are angry about the time they have waited on. once they come through we get them shouting at us its not our fault it is people who come through when they shouldnt for easy solutions.


  5. Just signed up for SKY BB, I’ve not had BB previously at my current address. Received the modem and set-up disc, and Sky advised that I should have access to the internet on 02/05/07, I set everything up, constant green internet light on the modem (Great I thought), followed the set-up CD, and two hours later doubled clicked on the ‘S’ icon to access the internet but got the ‘unable to access web page’ message, tried again the following morning same message. Anybody able to give a techno-phobe any tips. Tried unplugging all other filters in the remaining phone sockets, no joy!


  6. I changed from BT to Sky, basically to save money, I was online March 30th 07, had nothing but the same problems as everybody else, keep phoning Sky but you don’t get anywhere with them, they even said they would send another router, then when I phoned again the idiot hadn’t registered a new router on my record, so I won’t be getting one. It kept overheating and the plug was too hot to touch so we bought a plug adapter from Argos and the problem is solved, no more overheating, and it stays on much longer now, occasionally it will go off line but not as ofter as before, the plug that came with it is probably the wrong amp.


  7. Hi JimA, I did have further problems after switching the uPNP off which turned out to be problems with my internal extension wiring which was causing errors on the line and in turn slow speeds, resolved that problem about 5 month’s ago with a bit of fiddling around with the wiring and my connection has been perfect ever since. The website is very useful for sorting out these niggly problems as Sky tech support seem to be pretty clewless. Although I had further issues the uPNP is a known bug with the router and turning it off seems to fix alot of peoples problems.


  8. ive got a belkin f5d8633-4 and am trying to connect to my sky broadband. everytime i try to complete the setup cd it fails saying i havent given the right details. ive used the tool to extract my username and password but still no luck. is it better to setup the connection manually? i dont have a clue what to do as im a novice in this area. any ideas?


  9. Lots of help and tips on this independant web site I’ve been up and running with Sky now for 12 months at 8mb, all my teething problems were solved with the help of this site.


  10. “Nick” No the new router is even more locked down than the old one was, there’s no utiils to extract the username and password yet. Keep an eye on the forum something will propably come up before too long.


  11. Sky Broadband – When i phoned tier 3 to decrease my max delay levels in order to bring my latency down it went down by a good 50ms to 30ping but the next day when i loaded my online game my ping was high again with 80ping. can anyone help and tell me what to do?


  12. I had all sorts of problems with sky in trying to get my username and password for the service to use my own router. They sent me the new Sagem router. What I did find out though, if it helps, is that the Sagem doesn’t support VPN. Since I work from home sometimes, I need VPN support. Customer services said there was nothing they could do so I went through to cancellations on the basis that I couldn’t use the service they were providing. Cancellations did manage (after two attempts) to send me a NetGeear router, which of course, you can hack with url injection ( to generate the netgear.cfg file whic contains your username and password. I got nowhere with sky on this front. They just kept telling me the user name is admin and the password is sky. NO, I don’t want to get on to the box, I want the credentials for the service itself!! Well, whether you need VPN or not, they’re not to know and its a reason for them to have to swap out the kit for a box you can hack until such time as the Sagem box is “editable”. Hope this helps. After all, who are a telly company to tell you what hardware you can and can’t use in your own home?


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