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Get the Drop in Fight Klub

A new newsletter for Fight Klub is now available called The Drop. The first issue isn’t that exciting to be honest. It has a little information about the next set, Three which will feature (among others) Terminator and Robocop. The most interesting part is a piece about the Decipher This! puzzle.

PS. If you’re new to Fight Klub go here and tell them GalaxiaGuy sent you.

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Fight Klub coming soon

Slightly off topic compared to most of what I’ve written about, but I thought I’d quickly mention Fight Klub (wiki).

Fight Klub is a new collectible card game shortly to be released by Decipher. Decipher previously produced card games based on Star Trek, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (and others). Fight Klub aims to be significantly different from previous games in a number of respects. It will be multi-licence, meaning interesting combinations are possible (although it means many game mechanics are a little more abstract). It will also only be available online direct through through the Decipher website (which they intend to make it cheaper).

The concept of the game is very simple; heroes vs. villains, with each game consisting of a player controlling a single hero or villain and playing through a series of confrontations. And the multi-licence nature means some cool match-ups. From the very first release you’ll finally be able to answer that difficult question, who would win in a fight between Rambo and Saw’s Jigsaw killer

The move for something so different might be risky, but if it pays off, it could be cool.