Christian Debt Consolidation

The blog-wise amongst you may have noticed the disclosure policy page and the PayPerPost post and put two and two together. Anyone who has no idea what that sentence means (and what it might have to do with Christian debt consolidation), just relax and trust that all is well.

Now I’ve decided to muddy the waters a little with regards to PayPerPost in a sort of confusing double bluff sort of way. Most of the opportunities on PayPerPost are almost impossible to post in a subtle way. Some on the other hand are fairly sensible, except for the fact that they want “buzz” (over the top praise for their service) meaning they aren’t suitable for most people either. So I’ve decided to be honest. That doesn’t mean I’m necessarily going to be open about what is or isn’t PayPerPost motivated. But bear in mind that I doubt really negative (or at least sarcastic) reviews will get paid.

And that brings us back to Christian debt consolidation. That site I have emblazoned with a link has some, er, “resources” regarding christian debt help. Those resources are Google Ads. Five keyword heavy pages about the advantages of Christian debt consolidation and why Christian debt consolidation is better than secular debt consolidation (atheist debt consolidation?) and three ads units per page. The irony for me at least is the obvious American slant – none of the adverts I see mention Christian at all. We don’t really have a strong religious right wing over here so marketing things as specifically Christian doesn’t help.

And if you get there by mistake they have some handy links about timeshares, cord blood and student loans. We’re talking A-grade top quality content here folks.