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My investigations of MythTV and Mono has led me to a few interesting things regarding Linux and operating systems. One of the more interesting, although not immediately useful to most people, is ReactOS.

It’s simply an attempt to create an operating system from scratch that is binary compatible with Microsoft Windows. That is it will be able to run Windows binaries (executables and DLLs). It’s far from feature complete but there a few key apps it can run. For a relatively unimportant but visually impressive example, have a look at Unreal Tournament.

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Quake 2 Coop

After discovering a universal binary patch for Quake 2 (a friend has an Intel Mac), I’ve started playing it again.

We had fun with deathmatch for a while and then figured we’d give coop a go.

Since Quake 2 doesn’t have coop built in I had a look around for a mod. There were quite a few but unfortunately I couldn’t get any of them to work. It seemed they were all designed to work with version 3.1, but we were running 3.2 (and 3.21 – a fix of OpenGL support to make it work on Linux and the one the Mac patch was based on).

The reason why was mind blowing. Apparently in their last update, id software actually added native coop support. Bring up the console and type “set coop 1” and voila, multiplayer single player gameplay (rolls nicely off the tongue eh?).

Although Quake 2 was definitely not designed with coop in mind though. A lot of fighting in corridors where one person can’t fire for risk of blowing his partner(s) up. Although we certainly tried from time to time – occasionally with dire consequences. But fun nonetheless 🙂

Oh yeah, one more thing. Make sure you change from the default skin as it looks just like one of the enemies…

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TalkTalk buys AOL UK

In an interesting move, AOL have old of their UK business to none other than Carphone Warehouse. This will not mean in re-branding so it seems AOL and TalkTalk will remain separate. It also seems that AOL will take control of advertising through TalkTalk as part of the deal.

More information is available from BBC News.

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Yahoo and MSN getting jiggy with it

It was announced a while ago, but this morning MSN Messenger announced it to me personally (well it game me a popup)… MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger users can now chat to each other using either’s client.

Read about Yahoo! on MSN
Read about MSN on Yahoo!

This is presumably a way to try and stop the multi-network clients that are becoming more popular and taking advertising revenue from the two of them. Well sort of. It’s more likely an attempt to stop Google’s attempt to spread a free and open IM network.


Habeas Corpus

First, read this blog post.

A law has almost been passed in a the United States (the Military Commissions Act of 2006, passed by Congress on September 27 – just needs signing by Bush) that allows aliens to be detained indefinitely without access to legal counsel and without even having anyone notified of their detention simply by having been declared an enemy combatant. And this declaration in itself doesn’t require any serious evidence and has no serious oversight (meaning in reality it requires no evidence).

So the War on Terror apparently isn’t a fight for freedom…

Interesting, I first read it on which has more detail.

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QED Wiki and the Zend Framework

IBM are working on an impressive looking product called QED Wiki, developed with the Zend Framework.

Fundamentally it’s a wiki like any other. But there is a cool layer on top of it that could be revolutionary (although like many Web 2.0 concepts will probably fall short and just be “cool” – we can hope). The interface allows you to create “situational applications” that can link different components together with the ease of a wiki.

It doesn’t really make much sense just reading about it so go watch the video about it.

On a related note, you can now get snapshots of PHP 6.

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Google Video Ads

The very eagle eyed amongst you may notice I’ve altered the layout of the site slightly. One of the most prominent changes is switching to a smaller ad size for old posts (before I had a large rectangular ad above any post that is more than seven days old figuring that anyone visiting old content on a blog really wanted to be there and would get over it). The new 200×200 size immediately started showing video ads on a few pages.

For an example, visit my post about the cartoons of the prophet Mohamed.