30 thoughts on “Charles Dunstone’s email address

  1. Charles’s email address has never been a secret actually… walk into any carphone warehouse store and pick up the store magazine “Buyer’s Guide” and the inside of the cover has a small message from him with his email adddress. So to be fair I don’t see how anyone can say he’s hiding his email to remain uncontacteable.

    What he cant do is physically respond to al lthe emails at once. Sometimes I can get 20emails in my ICQ inbox (funs tuff) a day and NOT get to all of them that same day, so I can only guess what he’s going through.


  2. please can you sort out the problem iv had with your company sorting out my phone tariff. bac in dec 05 your company put me on the wrong tariff and since then for the last 8 months iv been paying over my normal bill payments, finally on 11.07.06 i was put on the right tariff but while doing so your company took all my call mins away (over 300) i dont see why i should be pinerlised by lossing my mins for your companys mess up.

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  3. When I changed my landland to TalkTalk, I coundn’t have been more pleased with the company but since taking on your broadband package, my opinion of the company has gone downhill dramatically!

    I am currently receiving most dreadful lack of customer service from your company. Since trying to renew my TalkTalk online security package after the 90 day free trial, I have telephone your company so many times since the beginning of August that I have actually lost count. I have been promised that the software codes will be emailed to my but as yet they have not. I have been lied to by many of your representatives in India on numerous occasions. I have also spent 20 mins on to Lucy in South Africa only to be told that I had been put through to the wrong department and subsequently cut-off. Basically all I am wanting is to receive the relevant codes so I can active TalkTalk on line security and I can’t understand what the problem is and why nobody is willing to help me.

    I fear that I may not be the only person suffering from this level of service and therefore feel that going to the top man is the only option I have left


  4. I have been waiting for broadband from talk talk since april 2006 when i signed up I eventually recieved the dedicated modem no letter just a bill but iI cnnot get connected with my dedicated computer.I have checked the modem out and it is not at fault I have also after numerouse efforts emialed the talk talk help line and time wasted tried to resolve the problem with one of the technical operators at my expense she eventually gave up and said that she would get one of her more experienced team members to call me back at my expense that was 2 weeks ago and still no progress The computer I want to use does work with the internet as I have been using it for several years with my costly bt dialup.Sadly I would tell them to stick their service up there ass but unfortunatly I am to commited haveing bought extentions leads adator etc all of which works I am however at the end of my tether as they have failed in there offered service so I am quite within my right to seek another supplier anyone any ideas? Thanks dave


  5. Dave,
    Try plugging your modem directly into the filter and then into the master socket. Extension leads can cause issues with broadband.
    Also ensure you are getting 2 solid green lights on the modem.
    I went through exactly the same with my provider only to find it was nothing to do with them and the way i had wired my system up.


  6. Thank God it is just not me. I wish I had never left BT and Orange.

    I have had nothing but trouble from talktalk and also have been lied to by their reps – also in India.

    I am unable to view my talktalk landline bill. they cut my phone off for not paying even though i was supposed to be paying by D/D and had not received a bill.
    I am also unable to access my email addresses via the talktalk site which means I have only outlook express and can only get one address to work on that. The technical helpline at 10p a minute after an age queuing then told me to do exactly what I had done. Then told me that they were not really tech help, just the first line so i would need to let someoen phone me – which they did when I was out of the country and had told the rep this. (Her solution was that they would call my mobile!!!!!!!!!)


  7. The Charles Dunstone email is a computer-generated reply.
    You need high-level complaints..which is RicharB@cpwplc.com or RichardB@cpwplc.com. (can’t remember which one). I now have my own representative dealing with my problems and have sort of been promised a few hundred pounds in compensation. I won’t tell you her address cos I want my stuff sorted first! (yes selfish I know).
    It’s also useful to complain to Otelo the watchdog organisation. Mention this alot! They levy huge fines if they don’t help.
    I’ve also had lots of offers of help from the top, since I wrote to the BBC section on TalkTalk problems. It has also helped having David Ross (co-founder of Carphone Warehouse) knowing about my problems, but I don’t need his help now. They’re falling over themselves to sort it out. Remember to include your Account number etc.
    Go and kick some ass!


  8. This is the most miserable company I have ever dealt with. Nothing in life is free and this is most certainly not. The hours of pain I have endured on their phone system listening to a bad cover of a tired song before being cut off or told there is a problem with their system and to ring back later. I ordered this service back in May. The telephone line shifted within a few weeks but I was informed in the intro letter that broadband was not available until aug. I asked to cancel so that I could reorder when broadband was available. They told me that they could get me a reduced rate service up and running in 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, I called and there was no recognition. I was promised the same and this time I got a manager to guarantee this. 3 weeks later nothing, rang to cancel – again guaranteed that this time, my name was top of the queue. several weeks later nothing. Rang to cancel, told that there had been an issue with my maccode – told that if I got another, could get up and running in days.
    Went on holiday, got back, still nothing. Rang up and was told that the broadband line had not transferred. I cancelled the account and reversed my phone line back to BT. Problems solved or so I thought – I rang my exisitng broadband supplier Pipex to change my account to be told that the account had been closed and the line transferred to TT. Rang TT and was told this was not hte case and to go back to Pipex. I then went backwards and forwards several times and eventually find out that TT have the line. Eventually I manage to get them to organise sending a MACCODE. I was told 5 working days – Well here I am 10 days later sitting on hold listening to the same tired old music waiting, having just been told that I need to restart the process of issuing a maccode and wait another 5 working days. I assume I will be stuck here in 7 days time talking to yet another to lying talk talk monkey. GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!! In the meantime, I have picked up an extra £30 bill each month for this pleasure having been billed by 2 providers. I eventually plan to move everything back to BT. I rang them to try and they answered the phone first time and spoke English.
    If I cannot sort this today, I will have no choice but to cancel my phone line and get a new number. I’m reluctant to do this having had this number for years and years but the choice of contacting all my 1000 or so people in my address book seems positively painless in comparison with dealing with their ill-trained monkeys.


  9. Like others I have been disgusted by talktalk’s lack of customer service and decided to leave them for both land line and broadband. I tried all day to get through and kept being cut off. When I did get through they couldnt help me as computers were down. So in depseration I tried emailing the 2 emails for Charles Dunstone: dunstonec@cpw.co.uk dunstoc@cpwplc.com and within 10 mins I received a phone call with the MAC code I needed. I recommend using this method but I am not sure which of the emails worked – my advice – try emailing them both like me.


  10. I’m having real murders with talk talk. After 3 months still no broadband and continual passing of the buck. I’ve cancel my DD and challenged them to take me to court. Anyone out there got Charlie Dunstone’s home email or other contact details. Home number or address would be good than I can ask him directly why we get no joy from his ‘supposedly’, customer focused company. Cheers


  11. I have registered with TalkTalk Broadband & had my line transferred over to you with the my order number is 1504887, I registered on the 7th Aug 2006 & was told my broadband go live date would be on the 29 September 2006, I have still not received my broadband modem & not heard anything from talktalk whatsoever, I have today 29-9-06 called Talktalk to establish what is happening & I have been told that there is a T-pon on my line & been advised to call BT, Which I have done & I have been told that talktalk need to speak to the BT Broadband Fulfilment team As they do not speak to the end user, as its an issue with The service provider As in talk Talk and the BT Broadband Fulfilment team . I need this issue to be sorted out immediately, I would also like to ask that if there was a T-pon on my line which has delayed my broadband installation then why was it not brought to my attention sooner. The problem as only been brought to my knowledge because I call yourselves, surely it would have been more courteous to let me know how my installation was developing.

    Please could you also advise me where I stand if the broadband is not available and I wish to cancel my contract?

    If anyone can hel please contact me on edd@eehafeji.freeserve.co.uk

    I eager look forward to your response.




  12. Well let me say i work for talk talk customer services and the company is absolute SHITE! the process of peoples orders getting rejected is stupid if you were to sit in front of the computer at my work place and listen to half of the calls you would find some of the situations unbelievable i completely understand why people are so frustrated. the lack of communication does not help either well talktalk say that people are meant to receieve some compliance whenever there order gets rejected DD is rejected and such other stuff, but infact they dont it is in actual fact i have found people needing these letters dont recieve them but people with perfect accounts and no problems seem to recieve them (yes very confussing) well all i can say is i would not go with talktalk never in a month of sundays


  13. oh yes and also the problem with india and other countrys i have myself when speaking to them in another department they are so so rude and sooooo clueless i dont know why we have them


  14. Its amazing that I am able to write this, yes my broadband appears to be working for once! Better be quick though as it will almost certainly drop the connection at any time.

    talktalk are a disgrace !!! never in all my dealings with big companies have I ever received such poor product and customer service and then had to pay for it. I thought BT were bad and expensive but they were truly professional in comparison to this bunch of con artists.

    I have had by the sound of it less problems than some people infact all was ok (apart from the original set up back in June,which they did eventually sort out) until their so called upgrade on the 21st Sept 06 since then I have hardly been able to get online at all and when I have the connection drops off after a short while and always when they get busy i.e. 18.00 hrs onwards. I got the usual auto messages from assist and go saying that I have a problem and diagnoses that it is only something that a technical rep can deal with ( but you can never get through to them and even if you do its some one in India who doesn’t know anything) I was on hold once for 1hr 15mins only told be disconnected. I have sent 3 emails but never had a repose.
    I have just spoken to Kerry at customer services (ha ha thats a real joke!!) and she told me in no uncertain terms that I could not receive any credit or compensation for that lack of broadband as it was a free service anyway and if i cancel my direct debit they would cut my phone off.

    So thats basically it, I am stuck for another 14 months paying for a service that i dont fully receive and there is nothing I can do other than pay up or be with out my phone.



  15. A copy of my email to C.D.’s email as above – I wonder if I will get a reply

    I have nearly pulled out all my hair since our change from Pipex to Talktalk as our phone line and broadband provider.

    The changeover was a nightmare – conflicting advice, lack of broadband for over a week, rude staff, non-understandable staff, an average of 45 minutes waiting for calls to be answered, hearing that dreadful song hundreds of times.

    We had to pay £120 to an IT expert to sort out the problem. He told us that we were not the only customers with problems and that most of his recent call outs had been down to the change to Talktalk.

    You have now ‘up-graded’ our service which has caused more problems. Our answer phone service does not work. Our call waiting does not work. Our internet has been down for the best part of 3 days.

    I cannot get through on your phone lines – they are always busy and often I am simply cut off after having been told to call later. I do not have time to hang around to wait.

    I am utterly fed up with the abysmal service. You have not in any way honoured your agreement with me and I now wish to cancel my contract with you as you cannot provide the service I am paying for.

    I would like someone to get in touch with me so that this can be arranged as soon as possible as I know that the service provided by Pipex is infinitely superior and worth, by a long way, the small extra cost, and I will be returning to them. I am happy for this to go to court if you see fit as you have breached your contract with me, AND you have cost me over £200 in extra costs and time.

    I want a speedy reply – not the usual 3 weeks and I want a proper reply not the normal fobbing-off letter.

    An apology and some compensation would be suitable.


  16. Isn’t it odd – I’ve had no problems at all.

    The connection is fine, I get a good speed, I always get through to CS okay and they always know what they’re talking about.

    I’m either the luckiest person on earth, or I’m about to fall to some terrible fate in another area of my life!


  17. Having working in IT and Telecoms for over twenty years and dealt with a wide range of companies from excellent to abysmal, I can safely say that I have never come across such appalling indifference to customers, incompetence, lying and looking at it from their point of view – downright inefficiency. The above reply from an actual employee stating that TalkTalk are shite doesn’t even come close.

    All I can do from my perspective as an IT lecturer who lectures Undergraduates on how HelpDesk systems work (or don’t) is make sure that the students I lecture are all aware that the case study I present of an incompetent company, including listings of my dozens of calls and eMails with them, relate to TalkTalk. I can’t tell them the best Phone/Broadband company to sign up with, but tell all the students I can, passionately, and with clear evidence to avoid TalkTalk at all costs. ‘Cost’ being the important word. They are not worth the time and effort.

    Sam Broome of the ‘High Level Complaints’ department Brooms@cpwplc.com is supposedly one of those empowered to actually sort out problems. You might try eMailing him. It does beg the question what Mr Dunstones hundreds of other call centre staff are doing.


  18. My business has been using broadband for many years – first with iomart (excellent) who were then taken over by Onetel (still very good) who were then taken over by…Carphonewarehouse (you guessed it). We pay a premium rate per month for our business connection, so you might think we got good service – wrong. Our broadband connection suddenly stopped in May, then when it returned a few days later, there was still no email service. I got sick of endlessly explaining to drones behind computers in some call centre or other that this was not some magic fault that had appeared on my router.

    After many many calls to Opal/Carphone warehouse, and to other internet providers (for advice) I found out that Carphone had not programmed an email address routing table correctly and, incidentally, that many other ex-Onetel business customers had suffered a similar fate. Depite my providing technical advice to Carphone as to what part of their system they had to fix, they seemed unable to deliver, so now I get my email through a third party (much safer – you can pick it up no matter which ISP you use) and just use broadband for the connection.

    Coincidentally, early this year a guy at Kingston’s Carphone Warehouse shop interpreted a causal conversation about business telecoms as an instructiuon to switch our business lines over. They used the private account details for my wife’s mobile phone to do this (a big suprise when our bank statement came in) and it was a nightmare to undo. No forms had been filled in or signed for this to happen. No real apology from Carphone for hijacking our account in this way.

    Dunstone’s acquisition of AOL customers will certainly throw up more horrors as they try to combine and rationalise the network of ‘customers’ they are amassing.


  19. Thanks for the emal address for Charles Dunstone after 5 weeks of trying to resolve my broadband conection issues it seems the only way i can get sometng done about it. I am sick of Talk Talk and the compleate lack of service its hell and i wish i had only said no. I am now back on dialup as i cannot get any service after 6pm…oh did they not think customers would use it after this time……..perhaps i should change jobs and work nights and avoid the problem………joke isnt it but, not very funny. Keep the comments coming people.


  20. Why has’nt the company been exposed? My broadband was being paid by someone else. who had put an indemnity order on their account , it took a long time to make them realise it wasnt my account, i received a demanding letter for £ 72.99, then i was asked for a furthur £72.99 two days later, extra money for my land line and if i didnt pay up they would disconnect me.they had already cut of my b/band and it wasnt my fault. If i had known i was’nt paying, but i can’t access my account so i didnt know. Obviously my bills were lower than expected on my bank account but i only expected one bill i did not realise i should have two, broad band and landline seperately. After four months i still cannot access my bill online. Yesterday i received two broadband start up packs!


  21. I am writing after reading these complaints about TalkTalk. When I first joined in July everything was great, I rang up and the rep I spoke to gave me his own number to make sign up quicker (nice touch I thought) I asked whether he was on TalkTalk he replied he was not yet but would be changing. I got connected within the time stated and everything went great. That is untill last month. I noticed that my d/load speeds had reduced and rang up the help line. I was told that it may be due to heavy usage and off peak times would be better. I tried but my speeds were very slow. I rang the Tech Support (10p per min) and like many others report was cut off after 15 minutes without speaking to anyone. I rang again and was asked various questions cookies, antivirus, etc. I was then told to do a connection speed test on Adslguide.org this showed I was uploading at 41kbps and downloading at 38kbps, this is slower than dialup (this is not broadband and wish to claim compensation for failing to supply B/B) and every time I have rang up Customer Services they have pooh poohed me. I rang up today for a Complaints Procedure as advised by Ofcom to be told that they didn’t have one. I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone who knew more, to be told that there was no-one available and the supervisors and managers knew no more than her. I am determined to take this further and spoke to Otelo (tel: 08450501614) who advised me to write to The customer Liason Manager, Carphone warehouse, Garretfield, Warrington WA37BN. I am waiting for a reply and will keep you posted.


  22. I signed up with Talk Talk for free broadband three months ago. In total my free broadband has cost me £99.99 (missold modem at £29.99 – the modem was free. My salesman explained it was a connection fee! + £70 disconnection fee) Service was terrible and I never want to have to hear “Something in the Air” again. Have written complaint direct to Charles Dunstan cc to Ofcom. By the way I discovered this geographical phone number to Talk Talk 01925 556486 as I was having to phone them away from my Talk Talk line and did not want to pay for the 0870 calls. They pick up stright away


  23. Dear Charles Dunstone,

    As a loyal customer of both TalkTalk and The CarphoneWarehouse, I am unfortunately writing to complain about the non existent TalkTalk service and poor customer service that I have received since the 17th October 2006.

    Dated 11th October 2006, I received a letter from yourselves informing me that the TalkTalk network was being upgraded to improve the services I receive. However, since the proposed upgrade date on the 17th October, I have had no TalkTalk service at all, meaning I have been unable to make or receive telephone calls or access the internet.

    The first 3 times I tried calling the customer services team to report the fault, I was on hold for over 30 minutes and on each occasion my call was not answered and the line went dead. All of these calls had to be made from my mobile phone and was therefore charged national rate for these calls.

    When I finally managed to get through to speak to someone, they told me that the fault was due to a problem with the upgrade and that I should wait a few days for the problem to be rectified. After two days, I still didn’t have any service at all so called the customer services team again. I was then told that they were still investigating the problem and could I bear with them, but they could not give me a proposed date of resolution.

    I then left it for another few days and again called the customer services team. I was then told that they still hadn’t highlighted the cause of the problem but an engineer had been assigned to look at my case. I was also told that in the meantime a call divert could be set up so that any calls made to my landline number would be directed to my mobile. This has never been set up.

    I then contacted TalkTalk through the Contact Us section of your website to complain, I was informed that even though I had been without a service for 28 days, I was not entitled to any compensation or refund and that they could confirm that no changes had been made to my service and caller divert had not been set up on my account.

    Today (35 days without service!), I called your faults department, who informed me that I had come through to the wrong department, they said they would need to transfer me through to the correct department, on trying to transfer me, I was cut off. I then tried 3 more times, speaking to 3 different people who all on trying to transfer me, cut me off! Admittedly, the last person I did speak to took my mobile number in case I was cut off again and they could return my call. However, as of yet, I have not had a return phone call. Throughout this time, you still continued to take my £20.99 line rental by direct debit from my account.

    As you can probably tell, I am extremely upset and frustrated at the appalling service I have received from TalkTalk. I feel that going 35 days without a service at all is completely unacceptable and extremely inconvenient.

    I now realise that I am not alone in receiving terrible service from TalkTalk. The following URL link makes interesting reading:


    I understand that when I subscribed to TalkTalk, I signed up for a contract of 18 months, however, as part of that contract you have a responsibility to provide a service, which you are not doing. I would therefore like to cancel my contract with immediate effect and claim a refund of my last months line rental of £20.99, the £29.99 connection fee and compensation for the calls made to your customer service team and inconvenience of not having any of the services fro 35 days.

    My landline number is 0nnnnnnnnn1 and TalkTalk Account number is 5nnnnn9.

    I would appreciate your response on this matter and can be contacted through the following channels:

    mobile: xxxxxxxxx
    email: xxxx@xxxxx.com

    (I wonder whether I shall finally get anything sorted following this email to CD???)


  24. I have now received this email. Although they still havent told me when my phone line and broadband are going to be working again. At least Im making some progress. The other really annoying thing is, they talk about charging £70 cancellation fee for wanting to leave a service that you are paying for but not receiving, that really doesnt sound fair. Please also find my reply below:

    Thank you for your email.

    I do apologise for the loss of service you have encountered while TalkTalk have been upgrading your exchange. Firstly I would like to apologise for your call being dropped, the adviser you were speaking to did try to call you back, however we were experiencing difficulties with our equipment and the system wouldn’t allow the adviser to call out.

    I understand your frustration caused by this issue, however you are in an 18 month contract for your broadband and if you do decide to cancel there is a £70.00 cancellation charge.

    I understand that you have encountered loss of services now for 35 days and this is not acceptable. I have credit your account £19.99 and £11.00 this will cover a full month’s package charge. I hope you can accept this credit as a gesture of goodwill for the frustration and inconvenience that has been caused due to this issue.

    Please note that if you do decide to cancel your services with TalkTalk I would advise that you contact the supplier you wish to be with and they will transfer your services for you. Also you will need to contact our cancellations department to confirm this. Please be aware of the cancellation charge.

    The Carphone Warehouse pride ourselves on excellent customer service and in this instance we have certainly not provided this to you. I am sorry for the upset and inconvenience caused.

    I hope you can accept my sincere apologises and the credit raised for the inconvenience and frustration that has been caused due to this issue.

    If you have any general queries, please call customer services on 0870 444 1820.

    For technical queries, please contact broadband technical support on 0871 226 7146 or email broadbandsupport@talktalk.co.uk. Calls to this number are charged at 10 pence per minute (call charges may vary from mobile phones and other telecom operators).

    Both of these numbers can become busy during peak periods and TalkTalk apologises for any inconvenience caused by the delays.

    Kind Regards
    Jennifer Warren
    Correspondence Department


    Dear Jennifer Warren,

    Thank-you for you response on this matter. Please could you provide me with a proposed date for my services to be up and running again? Your code of conduct clearly states that this is one of your responsibilities when dealing with a fault. I am willing to accept the credit to my account for the services that I have not received over the past 35 days, but this will in no way compensate me should I have to wait another 35 days for my service to resume. I hope that any additional days that I am without service will also be credited to my account.

    I feel strongly that if this issue is not resolved in the next 7 days, I should be able to cancel my contract without any cancellation charge. Afterall, part of the contract I signed was that you provide me with a working service. I find it completely ridiculous that I am expected to pay for a service that is not being provided and should I wish to find better service elsewhere, you wish to charge me. It isn’t as if I’ve just decided that are better deals elsewhere and want to cancel. I have kept to my side of the contract and expect to have a service that I am paying for.


  25. Christ, would you people get jobs or a life or something.

    For a company that’s now 3rd in the UK as far as broadband providers go, and the amount of customers they have, there are bound to be teething problems when launching “free broadband”.


  26. Keith I am a DEAF use of TalkTalk and I informed them 6 years ago but they still want me to ring them up I cannot Use a phone and like most of the Replys on here I also have been sold up the river with CS. the other day my email service went down I sent an email saying this I got a agent who had no idea what to do so was cut off I tried again and in the end I was on line to TalkTalk for 5 hours trying to sort it out. Having chatted to know other than 7 agents I ask to chat to a manager and was told no I could not. so I wrote a letter to Sir Charles Dunstone and ask it be forward to him up to date it has not been passed on to him, I have been told a manager will contact me in 3 days time over my complaint. As an old age pensioner On state pension I think this is a bloody disgrace. Now I have Dunstones email address I am going to send a copy of my letter to him to see what he has got to say about it. AND JUST TO LET PEOPLE KNOW THERE IS AGENTS THAT ARE PASSING INFORMATION OF CUSTOMERS ACCOUNT ON TO THE SCAMMERS FOR MONEY


  27. It just goes to show how TalkTalk is a crap Company, I sent a Letter to Sir Charles Dunstone 8 days ago and he has not had the time or trouble to answer it. I sent it to TalkTalk and ask for it to be forward to him, I got a email from them saying a manager will chat to me in 3 days time, that was 9 days ago since then I have sent them another 4 emails about them forwarding my letter to Charles Dunstone and again I have had 4 emails from them saying about this manager chatting to me but again nothing. What gets my back up is TalkTalk is one of the biggest Company in the world and they get a lot of money from people like me and other customers. I have read all the complaints on here and I agree with every one of them


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