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TalkTalk down to £8.99

As I was looking at the website I suddenly realised they’d dropped the price by £1 a month if you don’t take the free international calls. Odd move since I doubt it will increase sign ups much.

Before you jump ship you may want to read about some of the TalkTalk problems or look at the alternatives such as Orange Broadband or Sky Broadband.

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3 thoughts on “TalkTalk down to £8.99

  1. Cannot get my talk talk start up pack. Have submitted MAC five times but still no joy. How do I contact CEO?


  2. Okay, I probably shouldn’t say this – but the ONLY reason why customers emails aren’t getting answered is because all the requests, including sending out modems, provisioning and activation all go through ONE queing system.

    Yes, Carphone didn’t anticipate the demand but now that, coupled with all the other day to day requests have caused a bit of a bottle neck onthe queuing system (which I understand can take some 10,000 requests). Problem here is some of the requests are due to delays and other activations and service changes.. causeing greater delay in thoe next few thousands behind the optimum capacity of 10k.. in theory some 20,000 I understand.

    So its not that Charles doesn’t WANT to repond to your emails (he’s a passionate man himself, he BADLY wants to), its just damn near physically impossible to do so right now. They keep tweaking things th meet the demand and customer service levels and attacking from all angles, including splitting the queuing system into multiple queues for different requests (hmm, now why didn’t they think of this int he first place? simple, the customer base ws not as big to require it – wallies!) PLUS employing more customer service reps.

    The problem is the reps are being rushed in, rushed through training and being rushed onto the phones.. so a lot of them have their information mixed up.

    Recently spoke to one about a billing problem for a line that I disconnected, but the rep before him thought I meant I WANTED to move and so added on a FURTHER disconnection charge (though the disconnection was actually complete at this point). This rep said “Give me a moment while I check your itemised calls for what these charges are..”

    HELLO! BRoadband doesn’t have CALLS! Another rep, after I explained to him, pleaded that I was “putting him under pressure”. The poor souls (the customer service reps) seem lost at see to me and need retraining, but the company is hoping they can “ride the storm” till some sense of normallity is restored. Roll on LLU!


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