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More free broadband from Orange

<![CDATA[Now Orange (new owners of Wanadoo) are offering free broadband. It’s essentially the same setup as TalkTalk but more expensive and with a more limited service. If you have a £30 a month mobile contract with Orange you get free broadband with 2GB transfer a month. Although that isn’t as good as £20.99 a month and 40GB that TalkTalk give you, you do still get the £30 a month mobile phone contract so it could still be better for many people.

OF course the advert should be banned for the same reason the TalkTalk advert was banned in theory. Or more correctly, the TalkTalk one should be unbanned…

But only 2GB a month?

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6 thoughts on “More free broadband from Orange

  1. You can also get wireless unlimited on Orange fo a fiver a month if you have a £30 month contract. Sounds like a bargin to me. Already got Orange broadband so away to get an Orange phone and get it wireless for £5 instead of regular 2GB limited for £18.00.


  2. The orange package is also free for existing customers that have a contract mobile that costs over £30 per mnth, but Like Anna says for and extra fiver you get a New ADSL2 wireless modem and unlimited downloads!


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