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Opera for web developers

<![CDATA[A while ago I posted about why web developers might use Netscape. Well now I’ve found out why web developers could use Opera.

I just found out by chance that they do a product called Opera Mini – a J2ME version of Opera for mobile phones. Well Opera on the desktop can display any page (almost) as it would appear in Opera mini just by pressing Shift+F11. This mode looks for a handheld stylesheet and if one isn’t found uses it’s clever small screen rendering mode. When I say “almost” I mean that the browser still identifies itself the same as before and many websites change how they look when the detect a mobile browser (or more usually a mobile device).

It’s still pretty cool though.

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4 thoughts on “Opera for web developers

  1. Opera is also the only desktop browser that attempts to render WML (WAP) pages. Its helpful for syntax checking, but usually not a very realistic compared to what you’ll see on the phone.


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