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More Michel Thomas

<![CDATA[Sorry to seem obsessed 😛

My opinion of learning a language with the Michel Thomas CDs has improved – as well as the "Complete Course" 8 hour sets you can get the "Advanced Course", an additional 5 hours designed for people who have done the first 8. Although I think he only does it for French and German…

13 hours of material. Considering the density this begins to rival Pimsleur's 50 hours (only available for Spanish and German).

He also seems to have lead an amazing life, albeit slightly less amazing than he claimed. But still. Go read about him on Wikipedia.

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Galactic Horde goes Gold

<![CDATA[Version 1.0 Gold of Galactic Horde went live today. Top new feature would be the Universal War. I think it’s top because I helped write it 🙂

Although I think Universal War is a bit of a strange name – makes it sound like a war that is compatible with everyone or something…

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My first feed flare

<![CDATA[Oooh, Feedburner have put my new Item Age feed flare unit thingy on their 101 Flare Ideas for a Better Tomorrow page (#10).

It lets you display the age of an item in a Feedburner feed in a nice human format (17 minutes old, 4 days old) etc. It’s really dead simple but I figured Feed Flare might be useful and it was good idea to practice before writing something really cool.

You can see it in action in my feed.

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Very regular Google earnings

<![CDATA[For a long time my earnings with Google AdSense were very erratic – now they seem to have settled down. In fact for the past week I’ve gotten the equivalent of almost exactly $0.01 per impression…

Now all I need is more traffic 🙂

P.S. Google spellchecker corrected “Adsense” to “AdSense”…