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Microformats extension to SimpleXML

<![CDATA[I'm writing a PHP5 object that extends SimpleXML to automatically add various microformats. So you could do, for instance, the following:

$xml = SimpleXML_load_file('test.xml');
foreach ($xml->hEvent as $event) {
    print $event->original();

This would print the original HTML of every hEvent found in the HTML document.
XML, PHP, PHP5, microformats, hCard, hReview, hCalendar]]>

6 thoughts on “Microformats extension to SimpleXML

  1. <![CDATA[Pascal: Cool, I didn't know I had subscribers… 🙂

    Ryan: I have some but I'm not at home at the moment so I can't get to it. I'm actually converting some code I already had for working with hCalendars and hCards (I only just realised you can pass a custom class to use with simplexml_load_***).]]>


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