Let’s get personal again…

<![CDATA[Well it's been a while since I made a person post so here goes.

Julia is coming over on Thursday. In fact she's bringing her sister Jaz too. Infact it would be more accurate to say Jaz is bringing Julia since Jaz iscoming over to meet a guy (something they apparently have in common is a thing for British guys). This will lead to a few interesting situations:

Firstly they'll be both be staying in my room on at least one night (two I think). This isn't actually that interesting inherently (from my point of view it will make Julia's stay less interesting) but it may look odd to anyone who notices us enter my room.

We’re meeting Piia, one of their friends who lives near London on Friday – the day I have my dance class which they’ve decided they’ll apparently watch. So I turn up to a dance class with an entourage. One that will no doubt be speaking Finnish.

Finally there are people around the campus I probably won’t be able to hide them from. It’s not that I’m trying to hide them from these people as such, it’s just I try to avoid these people myself (not for any good reason I just don’t want to talk to them).]]>

Technology supports hReview. I think.


A clever idea for distributed reviews of things. Well I think the reviews at (on the main HTML pages) follow the standard. Bits of it confused me though.

Either way it meant I finally made the site XHTML compliant. Although considering how much user-contributed stuff there is on there (like most of it) various pages will undoubtedly fail…

microformats, hreview]]>

Galaxia, Personal

Ooooh, pages…

<![CDATA[I've added the second chapter of my story, Reactions. The story by the way is my attempt to write a time travel short story with no parodoxes (or should that be paradocies?) in it.

I've also added some info about Galaxia Reborn. I must remember, whenever I lose the urge to write Galaxia, just go look at Planetarion and think "I could so do better”.]]>