Dum di dum…


It’s now been a week (well in 5 hours it will be) since I saw Julia. After we spent 4 weeks and a day almost never apart (not including my occasional trip to Pizza Hut). The worst part is┬ábeing unable to contact her.

Someone once said I didn’t mention Julia enough on here… Well I’m really not sure what else to say :oP

The picture to the right has nothing to do with Julia. It was taken at the Inter Varsity Dancesport Championships by Laurie Young (his blog), the Imperial College team photographer. The girl was my dance partner for the year who it just occurred to me it might not be polite to name. Hmm… I’ve just realised I’ve already named her in another post.

Google and WWE employees have this problem with what they can and can’t post in blogs. They lose jobs though. Although I have no desire to annoy my dance partner any more than I might have previously…]]>


Galaxia Reborn screenshots

<![CDATA[Galaxia Reborn will be plain HTML through a browser. A step back technologically but it is for the best I assure you.

I've been working on keeping the game as graphical as possible still though:


Things to notice:

Mulitple planets (and any other objects for that matter) scale nicely when in the same sector.
The coords on the planet wrap.
The grid is a different scale when inside structures (this can be set to anything in theory; players may be able to alter is as a zoom feature.
No scrolling arrows inside a structure; they are limited size and son’t wrap.]]>


New name

<![CDATA[The new version of Galaxia will be called Galaxia Reborn.

Things done:

  • Map display, including:
    • Resizable/rescalable grid
    • Planetary terrain
    • Planet surfaces wrap
    • Inside colonies (and other structres)
  • Basic object info
  • Ship movement, in realtime

I’ll post some screenshots in my next entry.]]>