4 thoughts on “Upcoming features for XHTML friends

  1. <![CDATA[My comment above is a miserable failure because it tries to make reference to the ... and tags. Here’s an attempt at what it was meant to say:

    I noticed one major omission from xhtmlfriends. From gmpg.org/xfn/intro:

    “An XFN spider or crawler must at a minimum…Track link tags (e.g. &lt;a href&gt;, &lt;link /&gt;)”

    xhtmlfriends doesn’t seem to track tags with xfn rel’s. I only noticed this because I just wrote a WordPress plugin called XFN Friendlier that generates a lot of xfn “&lt;link rel='friend...' href=.../&gt;” tags.

    This sounds like it should be an absolutely trivial fix.

    Thanks for the spider,


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